An idea crafted by two young men seeking to ensure sustainable income for various farmers and families around Kenya with two experimental clients from Netherlands and United Amar Emirates, has bloomed into a respectable world-class organization.  We follow a simplistic unique business model that focuses on not only growing our own produce, but also by linking the best  top growers around Kenya and Eastern Africa with key markets.  Some of the varieties grown in the region include among others Fuerte ,Hass,and Pinkerton.


We believe that business transparency is the key to building strong and long-term relationships with clients. By providing input and technical expertise to the farmers we guarantee the product meets the clients expected standards.  We further assist the Farmers and growers with financial expertise that will ensure the business model applied is sustainable.

We go the extra mile by ensuring that every grade of fruit is placed with the most suitable market providing the grower with revenue befitting their harvest. Our products conform to the GAP guidelines and rules and our certification process employs state of the art technology with trained personnel  in charge of quality assurance and quality control.

With experience spanning 5 years, and a solid understanding of the fruit industry we are empowered to provide every client with smart innovative solutions that are tailor made to suit their needs. Our guest satisfaction is our leading mandate and a key driver to offering the best from Africa.

We source, ripen, pack, process and market various fruit and nuts among others, avocados, mangoes, macadamia and cashew-nuts all year round in excess of 150 Tonnes Per Month.